Rain Gutters in Park City, Utah

When rain and melting snow are threatening your Park City home, you know what to do: Call Wizard Rain Gutters.

Gutters might as well be invisible — that’s how much you notice them when you look at your home or business from the outside. But when they aren’t working correctly, you notice it outside and inside: water seeping into the basement, rain dripping down your siding and running down your windows. It’s unsightly and it’s damaging to your home!

We’re Rain Gutter Wizards

When you have water drainage issues, the only place to turn is Wizard Rain Gutters. Unlike actual wizards, we don’t use sorcery to correct your water drainage problems — we use our years of experience and extensive knowledge of gutter systems to make sure your Park City home or business is protected from moisture through cleaning, repairs and replacements when needed.

It starts with regular gutter cleaning. When sludge and debris build up, that’s where the problems begin. We recommend gutter cleaning at least twice per year, typically after the fall season and before spring rains begin. But depending on the number of trees on your property, you may need more frequent cleanings.

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When Gutter Repairs Are Necessary

Gutter problems start small. A missing hanger here or a loose nail there — it doesn’t seem like much, but once the next big rainstorm comes, you’ll be wishing those problems had been corrected!

One of the biggest benefits we offer to our customers is our expert assessment during regular maintenance appointments. As we’re cleaning your system, we’re looking closely to see if there are any repairs we should take care of that will prevent future problems.

If you notice a gutter malfunction, whether it’s major sagging or a broken downspout, it’s important to call us right away. There’s no time to waste when your gutters are failing — it could be the difference between a wet or dry home!

When Park City Homes or Businesses Need New Rain Gutters

No gutter system lasts forever. While we do our best to ensure your water drainage components function as long as possible, gutters will wear down eventually. When they are past the point of repair, call Wizard to outfit your property with a new, smartly designed system. With seamless gutters made from multiple materials and delivered in a range of colors, we’re sure to find a good match for your home or business’ exterior design.

Call Us Anytime

Water drainage problems don’t have to plague your Park City home. We can help. Whether you need gutter cleaning, small repairs or a major refitting, you know who to call: Wizard Rain Gutters.