Rain Gutter Replacement

Rain gutter replacement is necessary if water drips down the sides of your house or pools around your foundation.

Rain gutter replacement

A worn-out rain gutter system might not seem like an emergency, but if water isn’t flowing properly off your roof and away from your home, it can cause major damage.

At Wizard Rain Gutters, we do first-rate rain gutter replacements for homes and businesses all over Utah. Whether your current gutters are the wrong type for your home or they’re well past their useful life, you can trust Wizard Rain Gutters to install a new system that resolves the water problems that threaten your home’s integrity.

Do You Need Rain Gutter Replacement?

The need for rain gutter replacement may not always be apparent. When a gutter is cracked or pulling away from the house, it’s obvious it’s no longer useful. But some of the subtler signs may be harder to detect.

For example, some of the key indicators that replacement is necessary may show up elsewhere, like on your window frames. If you see your exterior wood trim starting to rot around doors and windows, stormwater isn’t being diverted the way it should. Peeling paint on your home’s siding is another sign.

Check the basement as well — mildew growing on the walls could indicate water is pooling around the foundation, which shows that your gutter system isn’t properly directing the flow away from the building.

When Repairs Are Not the Best Option

When you get a professional gutter assessment from Wizard Rain Gutters, we’re able to determine whether you can avoid replacement with repairs. We take into account the age of the gutter system and the extent of the damage. We also consider how certain repairs and maintenance work could extend the life of the gutters, such as gutter guard installation or more frequent cleanings.

When we recommend a replacement, we do so because it’s the most cost-effective option and will be the best use of your money. We offer a wide selection of affordable, durable gutter systems for you to choose from when the time comes.

Trust Our Experience

We have years of experience helping Utah homeowners and business owners protect their property from the damaging effects of water, so we know what it takes to construct an efficient, functional gutter system.

Trust Wizard Rain Gutters for rain gutter replacement, and you will see an immediate difference, with water draining properly and your home protected for many years to come.