Chimney Caps

A fireplace is a wonderful feature in a home, but without a good chimney¬—and a chimney cap—it will quickly lose its usefulness. Since they are so important to your family’s health and safety, it’s imperative that they be protected.chimney caps installation & repair Utah

A good chimney cap not only keeps sparks from getting out, and onto nearby trees or grass, it also keeps rain, leaves, and debris from getting in. Water is a home’s worst enemy, and dried leaves in your flue can obstruct the draft and cause fires in places you don’t want them. Cleaning leaves from a cap is far easier than taking them out of the flue.

Chimneys can look like attractive nesting spots for animals, too. It’s a warm and safe spot to hide from predators. Choose a cap with grating or mesh to keep the critters from hiding in your chimney, and eventually your home!

Increasing Life Expectancy

Utah chimney cap installation & repair
Improve the draft and make your fireplace work better with a quality cap for your chimney. You can even choose a draft enhancing option to get the best draft possible.

Experts agree that having a properly installed chimney cap can extend the life of your chimney and fireplace. The price is reasonable compared to the value they provide. They are far cheaper than a chimney replacement, a flue repair, or a pest removal specialist!

For expert chimney cap sales and installation, call Wizard Rain Gutters of Millcreek, Utah. With our knowledge and experience, we can give you a good quality, beautiful chimney cap that stands the test of time!