Why Your Gutter System Is Failing

If your gutter system is dripping, rusting and sagging, it doesn’t look good and it’s not performing the way it should.

Gutter System Is Failing

Whether you have pooling water around your foundation or you’re just starting to notice the troubling signs of a gutter system problem, it’s worrisome when your water drainage structure is failing. It doesn’t bode well for your roof or your home.

Why aren’t your gutters working right?

The Seams Aren’t Secure

The seams are the weakest points in a gutter system. If there is damage where two sections meet, they might break apart, spilling water all over the side of your home.

This is the impetus behind the design of seamless gutters. When no seams threaten the strength and security of the gutter system, there’s less of a chance of leaks

The Original Contractor Made Mistakes

Not all gutter contractors are the experts they’d like you to think they are. If your original gutter installer didn’t follow the right procedures when attaching and connecting your gutters, your system could fail prematurely.

For example, some contractors use spikes to attach the gutters to your home. While this is a cheap, fast way to install them, it doesn’t hold up over time. Within five years, your gutters will start to work loose.

Another shortcut they might take is to ignore the need for a properly pitched installation. If gutters aren’t angled correctly, water and debris won’t flow to the downspouts — it will just sit in the bottom of the gutter. Your contractor should have also attached hangers every couple of feet to further strengthen the system.

Your Gutters Are Made of Steel, Not Aluminum

Steel gutter coil is one of the cheapest materials available, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for your water drainage system. When exposed to the elements, steel rusts over time. Even if it’s painted, eventually the paint will chip and corrosion will set in. It’s also extremely heavy, which makes it much more likely to sag or become detached.

Aluminum is the better choice, and every reputable gutter contractor knows this. You get a better defense against rust and corrosion, and its lightweight quality makes it ideal to hang securely on the edge of your roof.

You Haven’t Kept Them Clean

When you don’t clean your gutters, you reduce their life span significantly. Clogs block water from draining, causing it to spill over the side. Eventually, the weight from the leaves and pooling water will make the gutter sag.

Why You Need Wizard

Wizard Screens and Gutter can fix all of the above. We only use superior materials. We take our time for a quality installation. We implement long-lasting, secure repairs. When your gutter system is failing, we’re the experts you can call for a cost-effective fix.