The Most Common Rain Gutter Issues

Rain Gutter Problems

At Wizard Rain Gutters, we’re proud to be the pros you count on when you’re in need of rain gutter cleaning, repair or new installation. We’ve spent years in the field, and as such we’re prepared to assist you with every gutter-related issue or question that might come up while keeping your home safe and dry throughout the year.

What are the most common issues we help our clients with? A basic knowledge here can not only help you learn a few things about gutters, but can keep you prepared with the knowledge of how to react if any of these issues take place with your gutters. Here are some areas to keep in mind.

Debris Accumulation

The most common issue facing gutters in homes and other buildings is the accumulation of debris and other blockages over time. Debris here can range from basic sand and grime up to specific trash that may even make its way into gutters, and these blockages can lead to clogs that back up water in the gutter.

Luckily for you, preventing this sort of thing is simple and doesn’t require expensive services from our pros. Simply inspect your gutters regularly, for starters, and plan to clean them at least a few times per year (during the changing of seasons is always a good time). Just be sure not to press a ladder up directly against the gutter if you’re using one, as this could damage the gutter.

Loose, Bent or Warped Gutters

Loose gutters may cause water to be directed toward the home’s foundation or even onto the roof itself. They can also lead to hazard concerns if it gets windy, as they may detach and either damage the home or injure occupants. Bending or warping can also take place over time, and may pull gutters away from the home and let water simply collect.

If you’re a handy person who can safely reach your gutters, you might be able to tighten their hangers using some basic materials from a hardware store. If you’re the least bit unsure here, or if you’re dealing with bending or warping, it’s usually best to call our pros and let them assess the issue.


Birds and other flying creatures will interact with your gutters, and they may even carry some seeds or other plant-related items into them. When combined with water and sunlight, you may even deal with vegetation overgrowth in your gutters. Cleaning this, luckily, is usually as simple as the debris cleaning process.


Particularly if your home still carries non-seamless gutters, joint leaks may take place as your gutters age. The joints are the sections of gutters that join together, and various elements plus home settlement can cause them to spout leaks. Silicone caulking is easy enough to use for re-sealing these joints, but for more long-term issues, we suggest considering installing seamless gutters.

For more on the common issues that face your gutters, or to learn about any of our gutter or screen door services, speak to the staff at Wizard Rain Gutters today.