Important Considerations in Rain Gutter Color Choice

While the practical and functional elements of rain gutters tend to be the factors that are prioritized most strongly by home and business owners, it’s important not to forget about a few aesthetic factors as well. In this area, we’re speaking specifically about gutter color and how the design meshes with the rest of the structure.

At Wizard Rain Gutters, we can help with every element of new rain gutter installation, including choosing or painting your desired color. There are actually several factors you should consider when choosing gutter color – here are a few to keep in mind.

considerations rain gutter color

Visibility and Material

First of all, you should confirm whether your gutters will actually be visible from the front curb. The primary purpose of properly colored gutters is to fit with your home’s curb appeal, but if the gutters can’t even be seen to begin with, this will take on less importance. The same is true if gutters are only visible in the back yard.

Another important initial consideration is which gutter material you’re choosing. Certain materials, such as copper, are not meant to be painted and won’t allow you to customize much in this area. Certain others, on the other hand, can be easily painted and are no concern here.

Local Restrictions

This is less and less common today, but there are still some cities, towns or even individual communities or homeowners associations that place restrictions on home exterior colors. Make sure you check these before buying any gutter materials or paint for them.

Current Home Colors

Once you’ve determined that you aren’t restricted by any of the factors above, consider a few elements of contrast or complementing for your current exterior design:

  • Roof color: You can help both the roof and the gutters blend into each other by selecting the right complementary color here. Gutters often become an extension of the roofline. If you have shingles on the roof, darker bronze or grays usually blend well. You could also consider a lighter shade to contrast the trim of the roof.
  • Exterior wall color: You don’t necessarily have to perfectly match the gutters to exterior walls, but just like with the roof, you should look for good complementing qualities.
  • Window and door trimming: In many cases, homeowners paint gutters to match the window and door trimmings of the home, with an outline feature that’s popular.

Color Cost

You may not have realized it, but not all paint colors come for the same prices. Many colors that aren’t standard for gutters are a bit more expensive, so consider this among your other factors.


No matter which color you’re thinking of, take some time to make a visual sample. Use color swatches or even test painted sections of the gutter to see what works well.

For more on picking the right color for your new gutters, or to learn about any of our rain gutter or screen door services, speak to the staff at Wizard Rain Gutters today.