What Are K-Style Gutters?

K-style gutters are the most popular gutter choice in the U.S. But homeowners and builders prefer K-style gutters over rounded gutters because of more than just looks. You should know the difference so you can make an educated decision when it’s time to replace your gutters. You might find that K-style is the best choice for your home.


How Did They Get Their Name?

K-style gutters are named because of the shape of the gutter’s profile when viewing the end from the side. The gutter edges curve outward on both the top and bottom. They’re also sometimes called “ogee” gutters, which means “double curve.” Traditional gutters are rounded, so K-style gutters offer a big contrast in terms of design.

Gutter Shape Affects How They Work

Surprisingly enough, K-style gutters weren’t designed just to improve the look of homes. A lot of thought went into how these gutters function, and they provide major improvements over the more traditional style.

These types of gutters are usually seamless, which makes them much less likely to leak water down the side of your home. Because they’re deeper, they also hold much more water than a rounded gutter.

They’re stronger and more stable because of their shape, so if a tree branch or another object hits them, they’re less likely to bend or break. And because the backs of the gutters are flat, the hanging hardware can be screwed directly to the fascia boards, also enhancing their durability and strength.

They Look Classy

When crown molding is added to a ceiling, it immediately adds another level of elegance and beauty. The K-style gutter provides the same look, only for the outside of the home. This helps carry over the home’s interior design to the outdoors, upping your home’s curb appeal.

Gutter Construction

All water drainage systems, including K-style gutters, are commonly made of aluminum, but it’s possible to construct them out of vinyl, copper and steel too. Many gutter contractors have machines that are able to create seamless systems right on site, installing them quickly and efficiently.

Any Drawbacks?

The only issue you may find with the K-style gutter is that the sharp edges on the inside make it slightly easier for debris to catch and build up, potentially creating a backup. But if you regularly clean your gutters and trim back nearby tree branches, this isn’t a major problem.

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