Should You Always Replace Your Gutters Along with Your Roof? 

There is no denying that you should replace your gutters when they’re rusty, sagging, bent and inefficient. The purpose of a water drainage system is to carry precipitation away from your roof, protecting it from early wear and tear and guarding your home from water damage. But what if your roof has the problem? Should you automatically replace your gutters if you need to replace your roof?

Replace Your Gutters Along with Your Roof

Why It Makes Sense

If you find that your roof is past its useful life, chances are your gutters are too if they were installed at the same time as your roof, since roofs last about 20-25 years on average. If the fascia boards behind the gutters need to be replaced, it can be worth it to replace your gutters if you have to take them off anyway. However, if you’ve had your gutters and fascia boards replaced recently, you might not want to tear them off and install new ones if they’re functioning fine!

That being said, if you’re drastically changing the shape and slope of your roof, you might need to adjust your gutter size as well to accommodate the precipitation runoff. It could be a chance to correct any current deficiencies in your gutter system, like if they’re too shallow or they were hung too low or too high.

Talk to Your Roofing Contractor and a Gutter Installer

If you’re in doubt about the condition of your gutters, talk to a roofing contractor. Have them give an honest assessment of the condition of the materials, but then ask a professional gutter contractor too. You want to make sure you’re getting the best result for your money, and grouping your gutter installation in with a roof installation might not be the best move. A company like Wizard Screens and Gutter will focus their high-quality workmanship on your gutters alone and let the roofing contractor focus on what they do best, working together seamlessly.

Don’t Settle for Limited Options

Another reason to trust a contractor that specializes in gutters is because you’re going to have more options when it comes to materials and colors. This can seriously enhance your home’s curb appeal and give you maximum control over the final result.

Trust Your Local Gutter Wizard

Offering a wide range of gutter repair and replacement services, Wizard Screens and Gutter helps Utah homeowners make the determination on whether or not their water drainage system is still up to the task. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve solved it all. When you’re considering whether it’s time to replace your gutters, bring us in to take a look. We will give you repair options if there are any, and we’ll give you free, itemized quotes on your replacement options. Call us today!