Could Your Home Benefit from a Chimney Cap?

What do caps for chimneys do? Are they worth the money to install?

Once you learn about all the ways a chimney cap keeps your home safe and prevents problems, you will start to see why chimney caps are important. Homeowners want to keep water away, prevent rodent infestations and save money, and that’s what a chimney cap does.

chimney cap

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It Keeps Moisture Out

A chimney cap prevents rainwater from making its way into your chimney. This is valuable protection because moisture in a chimney can wear away the mortar joints, potentially leading to damage. Moisture can also damage chimneys that have stainless steel liners and dampers, allowing rust and corrosion to take its toll.

Birds and Rodents Stay Away

If rodents or animals find a little crevice, especially one that’s warm and sheltered, expect them to set up camp for the winter, and possibly longer. Sometimes these creatures can get into the chimney, but then they can’t get out. When they die, an unpleasant odor permeates your house. A chimney cap can prevent animals from using your home as their home.

If you have an animal infestation in your chimney, talk to a professional — don’t try to extricate them on your own. You could get bitten and infected with rabies. Plus, climbing on your roof is dangerous.

Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Living in Utah, you know how cold the winters can get. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could eliminate the frigid downdrafts that enter your home, causing your heating system to work overtime? A chimney cap keeps out cold winds. If you burn firewood, this will prevent smoke and ash from being blown back into your living room too — an added bonus. You can increase your energy efficiency by investing in a professionally installed cap.

Protect Your Roof

A cap will also help prevent ash, sparks and embers from landing on your roof. If you regularly use your fireplace for home heat during the winter, a chimney cap lowers your chances of a house fire.

Keep Your Chimney Free of Debris

It’s easier to take care of your chimney when it’s not clogged with leaves and sticks. Not only does debris buildup increase your fire risk, it makes it harder to clean every fall, when you’re getting ready for long winter nights in front of the fireplace.

Wizard Screens and Gutter installs fitted chimney caps for Utah homeowners. Are you interested in finding out more? Call us today and we’ll give you a free quote right away.