5 Signs You Need Gutter Repair This Spring

Is gutter repair high on your priority list? Probably not. But should it be? Definitely!

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Rain gutters channel precipitation safely away from your roof and your foundation. Keeping water at bay is important for homeowners, and your rain gutters are your first line of defense. Before the deluge of spring rains begins, schedule the gutter repair your home needs to stay dry.

Here are five clear indications it’s time for gutter repair:

1. Your Gutters Look Uneven

A sagging, uneven gutter is not effective. Water will be unable to drain toward the corner downspouts. Instead, it will pool in the center of the gutter and cause it to sag even more. This can make the entire gutter start to pull away from the home.

Walk around your home to make sure your gutters are performing properly in front and in back. Before they are damaged permanently, schedule gutter repair for the uneven sections.

2. You Notice Mildew or Staining in Your Attic

Even if you don’t notice pooling water on the ground, it doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Go into your attic and look at the wood under the eaves. If you notice mold growth or water stains, it could mean your gutters aren’t draining right.

Have a professional check rain gutter function. Replace rotting, moldy wood so it doesn’t compromise the integrity of your roof.

3. You See Peeling Paint or Rusting Metal

Do you notice a peeling paint path down the side of your home? Do you see rust forming on one gutter section? This means that the gutter has a leak. Maybe it was punctured by a stick, or maybe it has rusted through. Whatever the cause, it must be patched or the damaged section has to be replaced.

4. Water Is Pooling at the Base of Your Home

Pooling water around your foundation is a big problem. It can lead to mold in the basement and foundation cracks. If your gutters aren’t properly draining water away from your home, it’s time to address the issue.

Your repair team will make sure the downspouts are sized and positioned correctly. They will check all sections of gutter for leaks. Call for a repair appointment right away.

5. You Find Hardware on the Ground

If you start finding gutter-hanging hardware when you’re weeding your flower beds underneath your roof edge, it’s time to call a professional. If your gutters aren’t securely fastened, they won’t stand up to strong winds and driving rain. They need to be refastened right away.

Wizard Screens and Gutter is here to help. Spring gutter repair will help restore your water drainage system to full function, and put your worries to rest. Contact us today to set up a service call.