5 Early Signs You Need Gutter Repair

Gutter repair is often necessary to keep your water drainage system functioning well. While gutters are usually reliable and long-lasting, that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little TLC from time to time. And if you catch problems early, you can better avoid replacement.

Early Signs You Need Gutter Repair

Below are five early warning signs that your gutters might not be working like they should.

1. Repeated Clogging

Gutters get clogged from time to time, especially during fall. It’s normal, but what isn’t normal is to have the problem happen multiple times in the same season.

Overflowing gutters are usually easy to spot — you’ll notice the water pouring down the side of your home. And if you find yourself having to clear clogs regularly, there might be a deeper issue at play.

You need gutter repair when minor cracks develop and debris begins to build up. This is usually how most clogs begin. No matter how well you clean your gutters, they will only clog again the next time a small stick or leaf gets stuck. Luckily, minor cracks are usually repairable.

2. Pooling Water

If you don’t live in a leafy area, you might not notice these small cracks, but pooling water around your foundation will signal a problem. If you don’t have a grading or drainage issue that could be causing the pooling water, it’s probably coming from cracks in your gutters!

3. Paint Chips or Rusty Water

Your gutters might need a touch-up if you start to see paint chips on the ground around the edge of your home, or you begin to see rust streaks on your home’s siding. It’s an indication that the finish on the gutters is wearing away, and applying a new coating to protect against rust is essential to the system’s longevity.

4. Dirt or Mulch Stains on Home Siding

Maybe the leaks in your gutters haven’t progressed to the point where water is pooling, but you might notice mulch or dirt streaks near your home’s foundation. This is another sign that your gutters could have cracked, as splashing water can spatter dirt and mulch onto your home.

5. No Evidence of Water Drainage Near Downspouts

An absence of water coming out of your downspouts is a sign you need gutter repair. If you can’t see any signs of erosion or a drainage pathway from the downspouts, there could be a blockage higher up in the system that’s preventing the precipitation from draining the way it should.

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