3 Home Hazards Caused by Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are never good. At best, they’re an eyesore. At worst, they can cause serious damage to your home.

Thankfully, clogged gutters are a home maintenance project that’s handled easily. While it’s time-consuming to remove leaves, dirt and other debris from your gutters, it’s not impossible! And if you hire a professional, you don’t have to deal with clogged gutters at all.

Home Hazards Caused by Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters can create three major home hazards.

1. Roof Leaks

The primary area of your home threatened by clogged gutters is your roof. When your gutters carry away precipitation quickly, your roof stays drier, even in a rainstorm. When gutters are clogged, water backs up underneath the shingles and causes the fascia boards to stay damp. This leads to rot, which can quickly spread throughout the roof’s underlayment and your attic.

When your roof is rotting, it will leak. Sadly, if the insurance company or the roof warranty provider can prove lack of maintenance on your part caused the damage, it’s unlikely you will get any help paying for repairs. Don’t let it get to this point — it’s not worth it!

2. Sinking Foundation

When water is spilling out over the sides of your backed-up gutters, it’s pooling around your home’s foundation. This is why you need gutters in the first place — standing water next to a concrete foundation can quickly cause lasting damage that is difficult and costly to repair.

A damp foundation can crack, sink and shift. This can cause structural damage to the rest of the home and threaten the building’s stability. It’s the worst-case scenario, but it can happen. You can prevent it by proactively directing water away from the foundation. It starts with keeping your gutters clean.

3. Slippery Walkways

Lastly, clogged gutters can make your walkway wet and slippery, especially if they are made of brick, stone or slate rather than concrete. Wet walkways can ice over in the winter, making slip-and-fall injuries more likely. Avoid having to spread rock salt frequently by making sure your gutters aren’t overflowing.

Wizard Screens and Gutter keeps gutters clean so you never have to worry about these potential problems. Clogged gutters aren’t a nuisance when you hire us! Call today to get a quote for your home and see why so many Utah homeowners save themselves time and trouble by turning to us for drainage system maintenance.