Why Permanent Holiday Lights Are Your Best Decorating Option

Permanent holiday lights can give you back a solid weekend around the holidays.

If you’re like most homeowners, you want your home to reflect your excitement and joy surrounding the holiday season, but you dread reserving all that time off to make those decorations come to life. It can take hours to hang the lights alone, plus the time you spend decorating the inside of your home.

Permanent Holiday Lights

Spend less time out in the cold and more time indulging in eggnog and sugar cookies: invest in permanent holiday lights so your home’s exterior is always ready for the holidays!

Reduce the Risk of Injury

Real life isn’t a Christmas movie — if you fall off a ladder, you will likely be headed for the emergency room. Each year, approximately 5,800 people are treated in the hospital after falling off a ladder while decorating. Don’t let it happen to you — remove the risk by depending on permanent holiday lights!

Preserve Your Roof and Gutters

You don’t need nails needed to get permanent holiday lights up! They are safe to install, they don’t void your roof warranty and they don’t weigh down your gutters. That’s a win-win-win.

Extra Lighting Means More Security

An added benefit of a well-lit yard is heightened security during the holidays. It’s much less tempting for a would-be burglar to try to enter a home that has a well-lit yard. Discourage vandals and trespassers and get peace of mind that you’re protected against intruders.

You Won’t See Them in the Daytime

Here’s the best part about permanent holiday lights — you don’t see them during the day. This allows you to keep them up all year without compromising the look of your home’s exteriors.

Use Them Year-Round!

Installing permanent lights means your home is always ready for the next celebration, whether it’s Christmas, a birthday or a graduation party. That’s right — you don’t have to use them in winter only. You can change the colors to fit the theme — Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, your anniversary — all times of the year are ideal!

They’re Easy to Operate

With most systems, you control when they go on and off through a smartphone app. This means you spend less for electricity. If you forget and leave them on, a quick press of a button will resolve the issue.

Become the Envy of the Neighborhood

Your lights will set your home apart. They won’t be crooked, and they’re perfectly designed to accentuate your home’s architecture. You can set them to flash, rotate through different colors and get brighter or dimmer.

Your neighbors will add permanent holiday lights to their own Christmas wish list when they see yours. You’ll be ready for this holiday season when you depend on Wizard Screens and Gutter for expert lighting installation. Call today for a free quote.