How to Recognize the Signs of a Water Drainage Problem

A water drainage problem could turn into a major expense … unless you tackle the issue right away.


Water is your worst enemy as a homeowner — it causes problems on both the inside and outside of your home, especially if your gutters, downspouts and landscaping aren’t equipped to handle heavy rain, or if they aren’t maintained properly.

Following are some of the signs of a water drainage problem that indicate it’s time to take action and make repairs.

Paint Is Peeling off Your Home

Take a look around the perimeter of your home. Do you see paint peeling off the siding? This is a clear sign that your gutters aren’t performing the way they should.

Water is likely leaking, running down the sides of your home, marring the paint over time. Worse, the runoff isn’t getting funneled away from the foundation like it should. Instead, it’s seeping into the ground and could potentially cause an even more serious water damage problem if the issue isn’t resolved.

Basement Water Stains or Wall Cracks

Walk around your basement and look at the walls. Do you notice spreading water stains? If the stains appear at the tops of the walls, you can probably link the damage to a water drainage problem caused by inadequate, broken or clogged gutters.

Do you see any cracks in the cement? Small cracks are normal, but any crack with a width larger than one-eighth of an inch means trouble.

Mulch Is Washing Away

If your garden mulch is washing away and ending up at the bottom of your driveway near the storm drains, you may have a water drainage problem. Your downspouts may not be positioned correctly. This can also cause problems with your home’s concrete, such as a patio, driveway or walkway, as soil erosion destabilizes the concrete structure.

Mold in Your Attic

If your gutters are filled with standing water, the adjacent fascia boards will eventually begin to rot. Rot can spread to the rest of your roof as well, but the first sign of a gutter-related moisture issue that you’ll be able to spot from the inside of your attic is in your insulation. Moldy, moist insulation is a clear indication that your rain gutters aren’t carrying away water like they should.

Puddled Water Around Your Foundation

Look around the perimeter of your home right after the next rainstorm. Do you see water puddling around your foundation? This can pose flooding issues, so it’s important to have an expert examine your gutter system, including your downspouts. They can spot discrepancies and offer cost-effective solutions to eliminate ponding water.

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