Do Rain Gutters Have to Be White?

White rain gutters are common, but is that the only option you have? The short answer is no. However, depending on local restrictions and the design and color of your home, selecting the color of your rain gutters can take time and consideration.

Rain Gutter Colors

Above all else, your first priority is for your gutter system to function properly. A water drainage system is essential to a safe home and a long-lasting roof. But rain gutters do more than funnel away precipitation — they can offer a striking aesthetic statement as well.

Be Mindful of HOA Restrictions

Don’t get attached to a color or gutter style until you check the regulations, if any, that apply to your neighborhood. Some homeowners associations, subdivisions and even entire towns and cities may implement strict guidelines on exterior design choices, including the color of your rain gutters.

While repainting your gutter system isn’t overly expensive, it’s an unnecessary cost that can be avoided as long as you clear the initial color choice with the governing body.

Matching the Roof, Walls or Trim

Rain gutters can come in many different shades, from brown to gray to red and more. Deciding on color comes down to individual preference.

If you match the color of your gutters to your roof, you will end up with a darker shade that makes them blend in with the eaves. Instead of a contrasting color that appears to frame the roof, the rain gutters will look like an extension of the roof — a more muted style.

Matching the gutter color to the exterior walls of the home also helps them blend in. The resulting look is similar to the first option — matching the gutter color to the roof — only this time the roof will not appear to have as much of an overhang.

As long as the shade of the window and door trim doesn’t clash with the color of your home and roof, consider matching your gutters to give your home an even, outlined look.

What About Stone or Brick Homes?

Choosing the color of rain gutters when your home’s exterior is constructed of brick or stone can be challenging. The best way to make a decision is to follow this rule of thumb: Select gutters in whatever color you would paint your garage.

Making a Decision

You can use online visualization software to help you make the best decision when it comes to gutter color, or you could pick up the phone and call a professional. Wizard Screens and Gutter has years of experience advising homeowners on rain gutter colors that complement their home’s design, and the team is ready to help you next.