Siding Installation

Are you looking to replace your home or building’s worn-down siding, but need some assistance from the professionals? Look no further than Wizard Rain Gutters, where our team of experts uses only the highest-quality siding materials to help keep your home or building protected throughout the year.

Whether you’re dealing with visible issues to paint and wallpaper or significant physical problems like rot or warping, our team is here to help. We install only highly-rated materials, taking you from start to finish during this process with no additional hassle. Our clients continue returning to us for siding and roofing year after year because of the reliable, responsive services we provide at every appointment.

Siding Installation

Siding Types Offered in Salt Lake City

We offer multiple high-quality siding types and brands, including the following:

  • Hardie siding: Also called Hardie board siding or cement board siding, this is a format invented by James Hardie. It comes with limited to no maintenance, this despite lasting for decades due to high levels of fire, storm and element resistance. Hardie board siding is also viewed positively because of its versatility – it can be made to mimic just about any other siding material, including wood shake or even cedar shingles. You have an unlimited range of colors, which generally come with significant warranties along with a much longer warranty for materials themselves.
  • LP Siding: Short for Louisiana Pacific siding, LP siding refers to engineered wood technology that’s used on many homes. It provides a high level of protection against everything from hail and storm winds to termites, fungus and other forms of decay.
  • Mastic Siding: We’re a provider of several Mastic siding products made by Ply Gem, including shake and shingles, lap siding, steel or aluminum, and high-quality vinyl siding.

Soffits, Fascia and Full-Service Siding Installation

At Wizard Rain Gutters, we’re here to provide a full-service installation of new siding. This means that not only will we help you choose new siding, we’ll assist you with removing the current siding and installing a couple important siding components:

  • Soffit: Soffit describes the exposed siding that sits underneath your roof’s overhang. The soffit can be seen near the home or underneath it, and the material will depend on your climate.
  • Fascia: Fascia is the siding directly above the soffit, the exposed board you often see on the front of your overhang. The fascia is also the area where the gutters are placed. Fascia is outwardly visible and vital to curb appeal and home value.

For both soffit and fascia areas plus many others, call a reliable siding contractor in Salt Lake City. You can count on our team for reliable services.

Salt Lake City Siding Experts

No matter what your siding needs are, rest easy knowing you’ll receive them from experienced, local Salt Lake City professionals. We’ll give you all the tools and expertise you need to maintain your siding for years into the future, plus provide tips for regular upkeep as needed.

For more on any of our siding installation services, speak to the pros at Wizard Rain Gutters today.