Fall Rain Gutter Maintenance Areas and Tips

As August wraps up, the autumn season is just around the corner for homeowners everywhere. This means it’s time for a few general home improvements or checkups to ensure your structure is ready for the upcoming cool season, and some of the top areas to consider here are your rain gutters.

At Wizard Rain Gutters, our team is here to help. From our basic rain gutter cleanout services to various rain gutter repairs and even new system installations, we’ll ensure you and your family are covered for this upcoming fall and winter period. We’re also here to provide tips and expertise if you’re taking on certain minor related tasks yourself – whether you’re doing this or calling our team, here are several areas to make sure you cover during fall gutter maintenance.
fall rain gutter maintenance

Basic Cleanout

For starters, some basic time should be taken to remove all leaves, moisture and other potential debris that might be sitting in your gutters after a long summer. Performing this task may require a ladder for some homes, but may not for some others.

For one, this process helps clear the area out and allows you to spot any more significant damage if it’s taken place since your last inspection. For another, removing standing water removes the risk of ice dams that lead to water seepage and potential major water damage issues.

Spot Check

Once the gutters have been properly cleared out, and preferably when the weather is nice and offers basic visibility and safety, get back up and check the gutter system for basic issues. Look particularly at the corners or joints of the system if it has them, and pay special attention to any sagging spots, rust formation, warping concerns or any cracks. Even minor cracks can lead to significant issues, so if you spot any, contact our pros right away for basic repairs.

Trims and Cutbacks

One major source of gutter clogs during the fall period is falling leaves and other debris from nearby trees, and this is an area you can assess. If there are any branches that hang over your gutters, trim them back during this period to avoid them creating clogs.

Water Test

If you want to be completely sure you’ve caught all potential issues with your gutter system, consider running a basic water test. This involves using your garden hose to simulate a rainstorm, then looking for leaks, cracks or pooling water that show up near the downspouts. If you notice water overflowing the edges of your gutters during the test, for instance, it’s clear sign there’s a clog or blockage somewhere that you haven’t yet identified.

For more on basic fall gutter maintenance, or to learn about any of our rain gutter services, speak to the staff at Wizard Rain Gutters today.