Benefits of Aluminum Materials for New Rain Gutters

There are several materials out there that are commonly used for new rain gutter installation, including strong metals like steel and copper. Perhaps the most popular today, however, is aluminum gutters, particularly seamless aluminum gutter types that feature no direct connectors and therefore have lower wear risks.

At Wizard Rain Gutters, we’re proud to offer rain gutter installation featuring a variety of aluminum options, including seamless choices. Why do so many home and business owners choose aluminum when installing a new gutter system? Here are some general benefits to keep in mind.
benefits aluminum new rain gutters

Durability Benefits

For starters, aluminum rain gutters are extremely durable products. This begins with their natural corrosion resistance, which means they will never rust under any circumstances – a big weight off your mind for a product that will be exposed to significant moisture and corrosion risks.

In addition, the baked-on finish you find with aluminum gutters will do a better job holding up to general stress over a period of years than other gutter types. Seamless options can be custom-fashioned on-site and are extremely strong despite their low weight. They can be expected to last 20 or more years in any climate situation.

Affordable Cost

On top of their durability, aluminum gutters are very affordable, especially compared to steel alternatives. A big part of this affordability is how long they last, limiting the need for replacement or even major repairs for decades into the future.

Thickness Considerations

Aluminum gutters are also available in a wide range of thicknesses. We recommend not going any lower than .032 inches of thickness when using primary aluminum – anything below this threshold may not be thick enough to withstand all the elements and potential impacts.

Size Options

Another choice you’ll have if you choose to install aluminum rain gutters on your property is the size of the gutters. Aluminum options here usually come in either five- or six-inch sizes, with five-inch gutters serving as the most common. If you know your gutter system will be handling particularly large quantities of water, you may choose a six-inch gutter that won’t overflow as easily – but if you do so, know that the gutter board will have to be properly sized for installation.

Corrosion Note

One note on corrosion: While we noted above that aluminum rain gutters are not prone to rust whatsoever, it is still technically possible for other forms of corrosion to take place. To avoid this, simply ensure that aluminum is never placed in direct contact with another metal – this will cause what’s known as electrolysis, which can lead to corrosion.

The same goes for chemicals found in certain concrete products, treated lumber or brick mortar. For this reason, we will surface coat or otherwise treat your aluminum gutters in advance to ensure they do not corrode.

For more on the benefits of aluminum rain gutter materials, or to learn about any of our rain gutter installation or repair services, speak to the staff at Wizard Rain Gutters today.