The Drawbacks of a Home with No Gutters

A home with no gutters has the potential to pose many difficulties for the homeowner. You might not even notice a home you’re buying doesn’t have a working water drainage system until after you move in and it rains.

the drawbacks of a home with no gutters

Since they aren’t always required for building codes, only highly recommended, some homes go without. What exactly is the risk of having no gutters?

Your Property Is More Susceptible to Erosion

Building code dictates that the grading around homes slant away from the foundation. When rain flows off a roof that has no gutter, it can cause erosion around the foundation.

Over time, this can cause water to drain toward the foundation instead of away from it, raising the potential for leaks. Also, soil erosion can cause undue settling of the foundation and chimney, which can lead to drywall cracks and uneven floors.

You Might See Landscaping Damage

You likely invested a lot of money and time into your landscaping. If your water drainage system isn’t constructed well, or if it’s missing altogether, pooling water can be disastrous for your flowers and shrubs. Overwatered landscaping can detract from the curb appeal and the value of your home.

Basements Can Flood

Standing water near your foundation is a recipe for flooding. When basements flood, valuable possessions can be ruined and it raises the potential for mold growth. This is unhealthy and expensive.

Before you start to consider installing a sump pump or taking any other drastic measure, look at your home’s exteriors. No gutters? Start there.

Siding Can Stain or Rot

Your home’s siding is continually drenched by water coming off the roof unless you direct it somewhere else — like through a downspout! Frequent soaking of wood siding can lead to rotting. That’s the worst-case scenario.

If you have vinyl siding, rot is less of a concern, but staining can be just as damaging when you factor in the value to your home. You may not be able to resell a home with what appears to be water-stained siding, so replacement will be necessary.

It’s not just your siding that might sustain damage. Think about the long-term effects of water on your decks or patio. Outdoor wooden structures continually exposed to water won’t look or function like they should.

What Should You Do?

If the fact that you have no gutters on your home is worrying you, you’re right to be concerned. But it’s a problem we can rectify quickly. We’ll install an aesthetically pleasing, well-functioning water drainage system at your Utah property. Call Wizard Screens and Gutter today!