How to Handle a Gutter Leak

A gutter leak is dangerous for your home. It can rot your window and door frames and it can cause water to pool around your foundation, potentially leading to flooding in your basement. It can also stain your siding.

How to Handle a Gutter Leak

Compared to a simple gutter leak, these issues seem huge, and they are. That’s why we encourage homeowners to fix gutter leaks in their early stages, to avoid the negative side effects. Gutters should provide efficient water drainage. When leaks threaten your system’s function, it’s time to do something about it.

Clear Out any Debris

First, you’ll never be able to see where the gutter leak is coming from if piles of debris are in the way — you must clean out your gutters. Mounds of leaves and sticks not only block the flow of water from your roof, but they also may contribute to the leak issue, trapping water that leads to rust buildup, or puncturing the gutter.

Look at the Seams First

The area of the gutters most likely to leak is the seams. This is where each section connects, typically at the corner edges of the home’s roof. Even if you have seamless gutters, the edges are probably the weakest section, and therefore most susceptible to damage.

Test to Identify All Problem Areas

If you don’t see any problems when examining the seams, turn on a garden hose and direct the flow into the gutters. This is the best way to test for any problem areas. Once you’ve noted any leaks, it’s time to start repairs.

Caulk to Seal

When there are leaks at a joint, use a wire brush to scrub away all traces of prior caulking material first, then use a caulking gun to seal the inside seam. Choose a caulk that’s rated for home exteriors. Also, replace any missing screws.

Replace When Necessary

If part of a gutter section has rusted and is leaking, you may need to replace just this section, or it might be time to upgrade the entire system. The best course of action is to get a quote from a professional for both options and then make your decision.

Need Help?

Repairing gutter leaks isn’t the most fun job you’ll do all weekend. And if it’s not on your preferred list of tasks, even though you know it should be, maybe you should have the pros handle it! Get in touch with Wizard Rain Gutters today and see how we can help get your gutters into their best condition.