How to Design an Effective Gutter System

An effective gutter system can handle any amount of precipitation Utah’s rainy season brings. It protects your roof from rot. It prevents water damage to your home’s siding. It prevents mold and flooding in your basement. It’s much more important to your home’s longevity than you may think at first.

effective gutter system

Designing an efficient, durable gutter system takes experience, training and an in-depth knowledge of the products available.

3 Factors to Consider

To calculate the right specs for a home’s new gutter system, contractors consider three factors:

  • The total roof area that must be drained
  • The slope of the roof
  • The average rainfall in the region

An amateur may only consider the length of the roof’s edge when planning a gutter installation, but this isn’t the right way to determine the correct size of each gutter. The total roof area has to be considered, because the larger the roof, the more precipitation will flow into the gutters.

The slope of the roof determines how quickly the precipitation will drain into the gutters, and therefore the number of downspouts needed to carry away the water swiftly.

Finally, finding out the average rainfall in the area will help the contractor determine the size gutter systems that will work best for nearby homes.

Gutter Size Selection

Usually your gutter contractor will decide between 5-inch gutters with 2-by-3-inch downspouts or 6-inch gutters with 3-by-4-inch downspouts. The 5-inch option typically works for most residential homes, but for steep-sloped roofs, 6 inches is preferred to accommodate the increased speed of the rain flow.

Downspout Placement

When downspouts aren’t placed in the right locations or there simply aren’t enough of them, the gutter system overflows, backing up into the roof’s fascia boards and causing rot, spilling down the sides of your home, staining siding and damaging window and door frames. Water standing in the gutter can also lead to premature rusting and sagging gutters, which only leads to more repairs.

Gutter Guards

Additional products like gutter guards can help limit the amount of debris that collects in the gutter system. Talk to your contractor about the benefits of installing protective covers based on the proximity of trees and vegetation to your home.

Choosing Color and Design

Deciding on color and design is usually just a matter of preference. You can choose gutters that match your home’s trim, or you can choose a color that makes them stand out. It’s an aesthetic choice that depends on the homeowner’s tastes.

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