How Clean Gutters Can Instantly Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Will clean gutters be the defining factor that makes your home sell?

It’s hard to say exactly what’s in the mind of your buyers, but we can state with confidence that clogged, sagging gutters don’t help convince shoppers to put in an offer.

clean gutters

Curb appeal is about more than just the color or style of your home. It’s a message you’re sending that tells your guests and potential buyers how well-taken-care-of the property is. They’ll feel comfortable visiting — or confident buying — a home that has an attentive, detail-oriented owner. It starts with clean gutters!

No Water Stains or Rot on Your Siding

When your gutters overflow, it takes a toll on your home’s exteriors. Wood shingles will rot and vinyl siding will stain if they stay wet.

Constant water in your gutters can also make them corrode. Along with the water leaking down the side of your home, you’ll see orange rust stains as well.

Clean gutters don’t overflow. When your water drainage system is free of debris, you don’t have to worry.

Your Roof Looks Sleek and Sharp

Nothing mars curb appeal like twigs and leaves sticking out of the gutter system. It takes away from your home’s beauty and distracts from the clean architectural lines.

Clean gutters mean the onlooker gets to appreciate your home to the fullest, without anything marring their perception.

Gutters Won’t Sag

Regularly cleaning your gutters helps prevent damage. Sagging gutters that are pulling away from the home make the property seem uncared-for, but you can fix that with a call to our team. Wizard Screens and Gutter handles cleaning as well as repair, so they’ll be back to normal in no time.

Prevent a Muddy, Torn-Up Lawn

You’ve probably found that where you see overflowing, sagging gutters, the landscaping isn’t in great shape either. Proper drainage is key to landscape design. Overflowing gutters cause water to wash away mulch and soil, exposing plant roots and creating a mess on the driveway.

When you take control of your system, clean it regularly — even the downspouts. You can direct the water where it needs to go: away from your home’s landscaping and its foundation.

Impress Your Guests or Potential Buyers

Ready to impress with clean gutters? It’s time to invest in gutter-cleaning services to improve your curb appeal. Call Wizard Screens and Gutter today to set up your appointment and initiate project curb appeal fast!