Do Ice Melt Systems Actually Work?

Roof ice melt systems are a recent invention that’s especially helpful for homeowners in colder climates. Installing one of these systems can help you stop worrying about the potential damage snow and ice could cause over the coming season.

ice melt system

The Problem with Ice and Snow

Your roof and gutters are designed to withstand cold, rain, snow and ice, but after years of nature’s unforgiving brutality, they eventually wear down. One factor in particular that speeds up the wear and tear is ice dams.

An ice dam forms when the attic’s warmth causes layers of snow and ice on the roof to melt. The water makes its way down the roof, underneath the top layer of snow. Instead of draining into the gutters and away from the home, it freezes at the roof’s edge where the temperature is bitterly cold.

Snow and ice on the roof continue to melt and drain down, but the ice wall or “dam” that forms prevents drainage. The water backs up underneath the shingling and begins to penetrate the decking, leading to leaks, mold and decay.

Another problem in regions with heavy snowfall is the sheer weight of the precipitation on the roof. While roofs are built to withstand heavy snow loads, after a couple of subsequent snowstorms, it’s essential to clear off the roof in order to prevent collapse.

Overall, winter precipitation only causes problems for your home. Ice melt systems were created to help address some of these problems and extend the life span of your roof.

How Do They Work?

Cables are attached to the edge of your home’s roof. They are self-regulating, meaning whenever the temperatures rise, they emit less heat. When the temperatures drop, they adjust accordingly. The built-up ice and snow that forms at the roof’s edge melts and runs through the gutters, draining away from your home like it’s supposed to.

Not only do ice melt systems prevent ice dams, they lessen the heavy weight of snow on your roof.

Stay Safe, Stay Dry, Save Money

With ice melt systems, you don’t have to climb a slippery ladder and chip away at ice dams. You are also less likely to need to clean snow off your roof. You can stay on the solid ground where it’s safe.

Your home won’t be at risk of water damage, and you’ll prevent mold growth. Since there will be no rot or decay infiltrating your roof decking, your roof will last longer. These systems are a good investment and help you save money over the long term.

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