Cleaning Slug Trails From Screens

Window screens and screen doors are designed specifically to keep a number of different potential invaders out of the home, from microscopic pests and insects up to rodents and other furry creatures that may be trying to enter the home through any opening they can find. Most of these critters don’t leave any visible sign that they’ve been spending time on your screens while trying to get inside, but there are a few that do – and one good example is the slug.

At Wizard Rain Gutters, we’re here to help with all the basic maintenance and service areas for your gutters and window screens alike. One common issue we can help you address is the trail left by certain creatures, such as snails and slugs; this iridescent trail is made of various proteins leaving their bodies, and it can be a bit pesky to get rid of on screens. Here are some basic tips for the proper materials and steps to getting rid of unsightly slug trails on your window screens.

cleaning slug trails screens

Simple Materials

In most cases, unless you’re dealing with a major slug infestation near your screens that have led to significant protein trails, all you’ll need to remove these trails is a household scrub brush and some water. If possible, you want your brush to have natural or soft plastic bristles that will not damage the screen when you apply a little bit of force.

Cleaning Process

Here are the basic steps to cleaning slug trails off your screens:

  • Removal: First off, you have to remove the screen from the window itself. If you have a screen that cannot be removed, such as if you’re cleaning your screen door, just make sure everything is closed and locked tightly before you spray any water in the area.

  • Flat surface: Once you’ve removed the screen, lean it against a wall or lay it on a flat surface. You want the slime trail facing up or toward you, which also applies if you’re cleaning a non-removable door.

  • Using a hose or watering can (we recommend the former if possible, as it has better water pressure), apply water to the slime trail. Multiple applications may be needed.

  • Soak the brush in water, and then begin brushing in a gentle circular motion at one end of the slime trail. Once you’ve covered the entire trail, rinse the brush off and repeat the entire process again. For tough stains, you might have to do this a few times.

  • Rinse the full screen on both sides, plus tap it gently to help release water and any lingering debris. Give the screen time to air dry, then replace it in the window.

For more on how to clean slug trails from your screens, or to learn about any of our screen and gutter services, speak to the pros at Wizard Rain Gutters today.