6 Signs You Need Gutter Repair

In most cases, gutter repair can salvage your old water drainage system. You may not need gutter replacement, but how can you tell when there’s a problem with your gutters?

6 Signs You Need Gutter Repair

Water Pours Out the Sides

When water spills over the sides of your gutters, you know you have a problem. It could mean there’s a blockage somewhere in the gutter or the downspout. Your gutters are supposed to carry water away from your home’s roof, siding and foundation.

Rust Stains on Your Home’s Siding

Rust stains down the side of your home aren’t normal. This is a sign that the nails and fasteners that hold your gutters up are failing. Maybe the gutter itself is rusting. Rust stains are unsightly, but also indicative of a bigger problem: aging gutters.

You Find Fasteners on the Ground

If you keep stepping on nails or gutter fasteners when you’re working in your yard, you need to take a look at your water drainage system. It could mean that the gutter lengths are coming loose and could potentially begin to sag or even fall off during the next storm.

Your Mulch Is Washing Away

When you can’t keep your landscaping intact due to poor water drainage, gutter failure is a common cause. If your mulch is washing down your driveway, look at your gutters.

Your Basement Is Flooding

When water consistently pools around your home’s foundation, it’s just a matter of time before it starts to seep into the basement. If you can’t find the source of your basement flooding, it might be your water drainage system.

They Look Like They’re Barely Hanging On

When gutters are about to fall off, you can typically spot the signs. Maybe they’re sagging in the middle or beginning to come loose at the seams. Don’t let it get worse! Call for gutter repair.

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