4 Tips for Pest-Free Gutters

Pest-free gutters are healthy, well-functioning gutters, and that’s the type of water drainage system you want! Gutters should quickly carry away precipitation, but when they’re clogged by pests, they’re more of a threat than a help.

pest-free gutters

Below are four tips to keep rodents, birds and bugs out of your water drainage system.

1. Eliminate Standing Water

Nothing is more inviting to mosquitoes than a pool of stagnant water. If there is too much debris in your gutters, it could trap moisture and invite these pests to live and breed there.

Clean out your gutters regularly. Afterward, spray a hose inside to make sure no debris is stuck.

2. Trim Overhanging Branches

Make it harder for rodents to get into your gutters — trim any tree branches that hang over your roof. Don’t make it easy for squirrels, mice and rats to access your home.

3. Add a Birdhouse to Your Yard

Build a birdhouse; it’s a better place than your gutters for birds to build a safe nest. If you provide birdseed too, all the better!

4. Install Gutter Guards

Install protective gutter guards that keep out pests larger than bugs. These are helpful in keeping debris out of gutters and water flowing freely to the downspouts.

Keep Out Pests — Keep Away Disease

There are so many reasons to prioritize pest-free gutters.

For one, think about the damage pests can cause to your gutters, roof and home. Bird droppings are acidic and can cause your gutters to rust. If your gutters become infested, the problem can quickly spread to your roof, attic and your home’s interiors.

Birds and rodents commonly steal shingles and insulation to create nests, which compromises your roof’s efficiency and performance. The weight of nests in gutters can also cause gutters to warp and pull away from the home. Blockages can also cause water to overflow and damage your home’s siding.

Second, think about the unsanitary conditions pests create. Pigeons and mosquitoes carry many diseases. Mice and rat feces can spread the deadly hantavirus. Bees and hornets can sting and cause health complications.

Make pest-free gutters a priority today and call Wizard for help. With gutter guards and cleaning services, we can help your water drainage system function just like new.