3 Tips to Prepare Your Rain Gutters for Fall

With the cooling temperatures, it’s time to prepare your rain gutters for fall. While autumn is a nice respite from the sweltering heat of summer, it’s not a good time for rain gutters.

Extra leaves and twigs can clog gutters and add excessive weight. Over time this weight can damage your gutters and result in costly repairs.


The simple solution is to prepare your roof and gutters before this problem even hits. Here are three tips to help you protect your rain gutters for the upcoming season.

1.Check for Damages

Cold weather and frequent rainstorms will aggravate the damages that are already existent in your gutters. The first thing you should do is check for wear and tear.

There are a couple of things you should look out for when conducting your inspection. They are leaks, cracks, uneven sections, loose screws and large dents.

Many of these issues can be fixed in a couple of hours. However, if you let them go untreated the damages will increase and so will the time needed to fix them.

Talk with a local rain gutter specialist, like our team here at Wizard Rain Gutters, if you are in need of repairs. We have all the tools and techniques to help you get your rain gutters back in working shape for the new season.

2.Clean Out Downspouts

It’s common for most homeowners to regularly clean out the horizontal portion of their rain gutters. The debris is often easy to see as it piles up, and acts as a good reminder.

However, when cleaning out the gutters many homeowners forget to also clean out the downspouts. This section plays an especially important role in draining the water.

If the spout gets clogged the entire rain gutter connected to it becomes useless. It can be daunting to clean out this section, especially if you’ve never done it before. This is a job you can also delegate to a rain gutters specialist.

3.Add a Protective Guard

Once you’ve gotten your gutters back in pristine working condition, it’s important to think about how you’re going to protect them for the next six months. This is where we recommend getting a rain gutter guard.

These guards prevent leaves and twigs from clogging up the downspout and other areas of the gutter. It’s especially useful in the fall when the leaves are consistently falling throughout the day.

Prepare Your Rain Gutters For Fall With Utah’s Specialists

The time to prepare your rain gutters for fall is now. Waiting can incur extra damages and concerns that you don’t need to worry about. With our team you can spend less time concerned about your gutters and more time enjoying all the things that autumn brings, like pumpkin spice muffins!

Call our team here at Wizard Rain Gutters to schedule your fall appointment and get back to enjoying the changing season.